Antifouling Paint System For Propellers & Underwater Running Gear

Velox Plus is a antifouling paint suitable for protection of propellers, stern drives, shafts, trim tabs, outdrives, jet pumps and other metallic parts that are permanently immersed in water. It provides excellent adhesion and antifouling properties.


Tools and equipment needed to apply Velox+ paint


Surface preparation can be divided into three steps:

  1. Remove old antifoulings or other coatings (jump to 2 in case of new propellers / stern drives
  2. Sand and clean all the surfaces
  3. Remove dust and carefully clean the surfaces

1. Remove all existing antifouling or other coating using 80 grit sandpaper, manually or with careful use of a dual action rotary sander (we suggest using a soft pad in order to not damage the propeller). Do not remove old Velox Plus from previous season (see recommendations). Do not remove factory finish from aluminum stern drives.

Sand metallic surfaces
Sand all metallic surfaces with dry 80 grit sand paper.

2. Sand all metallic surfaces with dry 80 grit sandpaper, renewing it as needed. A dual action rotary sander can be used as well. Do not use wet sandpaper. The surface must be very rough after sanding. Do not use sandpaper that's coarser or finer than 80 grit. Do not use Scotch Brite™. We do not recommend sandblasting unless done by an experienced professional.

3. Wash and degrease carefully all metallic surfaces with acetone and a clean rag. Change rag frequently, especially in case of new or folding or feathering propellers, which usually have more grease on them.

Surface degreased with Solvente 102 or pure Acetone.
Use only acetone when degreasing.

IMPORTANT: All metallic surfaces must be rough and clean. Do not touch the surfaces with bare hands, as it may leave traces of grease or dirt. For cleaning grease and dirt use only acetone. Never wash the sanded surface with water, soap, detergents or acid!

Rough and clean metallic surface.
Be sure that all metallic surfaces are rough and clean.

NOTE: We suggest protecting bare aluminum with an appropriate epoxy coating (after careful surface preparation as explained above). This is not necessary when aluminum is already protected with factory finish (like new stern drives). On epoxy cycles or factory finish, just lightly sand the surface with a abrasive pad (such as Scotch Brite™) or fine sandpaper (180-220 grit) before applying Velox Metal Primer.


4. Apply one coat of Metal Primer from Marlin Yacht Paints (maximum wet film thickness 100 µm, dry film thickness 30 µm). We suggest applying with a small or medium sized brush. Let it dry for at least 3 hours at 68° F(20° C). A light coat is enough, applying thicker coats than recommended may result in poor adhesion.

Apply a light coat of metal primer.
Apply a light coat of metal primer.

5. Apply one coat of Velox Plus by brush (wet film thickness 100 µm, dry film thickness 30 µm). Apply it with continuous long brush strokes. Avoid going back and forth on the same spot, as this will soften the Metal Primer too much. As pictured below, full coverage will not be achieved with the first coat of Velox Plus. The first coat will normally slightly soften the primer, showing some of its green color.

Apply one coat of Velox Plus antifouling paint.
Apply one coat of Velox Plus antifouling paint.

6. Wait at least 3 hours at 68° F (20° C) then apply a second coat of Velox Plus (wet film thickness 100 µm, dry film thickness 30 µm). For optimal results apply it by brush with long and continuous strokes, perpendicular to the brush strokes of the first coat. A third coat of Velox Plusmay be applied to obtain perfect coverage or in areas where fouling growth is agressive. Wait at least 12 hours at 68° F (20° C) before launching.

Apply a second coat of Velox Plus.
Apply a second coat of Velox Plusgoing perpendicular to your previous brush strokes.

7. You're done!

Finished result after applying all coats of Velox Plus paint.
Here's the end result after a third coat.


1. Prepare the surface carefully, at the time of applying the Metal Primer all metallic surfaces should be very rough and clean (free from grease, dust, fingerprints, sweat, water, soaps or any kind of dirt or contaminants).

2. On top of Velox Plus from the previous season, another two coats of Velox Plus can be applied directly as explained above in steps 4 and 5, after cleaning and lightly sanding the surface with fine sandpaper or abrasive pad like Scotch Brite™. We suggest removing all the antifouling paint in any case at least every three years. Do not apply Metal Primer or Velox Plus on any other antifouling.

3. Do not apply Velox Plus on bare metal without Metal Primer.

4. For spraying Velox Plus or Metal Primer, it is not necessary to dilute the product.

5. Stir very thoroughly both Metal Primer and Velox Plus before application as both of these contain heavy particles that may sediment. Scrape the bottom of the can and stir until the paint becomes homogeneous.

6. Brush out immediately any sag or dip that may form when applying Metal Primer or Velox Plus, check the edge of the blades carefully for dips after the application of every coat.

7. Read the instructions carefully on the label and always wear suitable protective clothing, goggles, mask and gloves as prescribed


Colors: White or Black
Specific Gravity: 1.20 - 1.30
Application: Brush or spray gun
Thinner: Not necessary
Drying Time:
Touch Dry: 1 hours at 68° F
For Recoating: 3 hours at 68° F
For Launching: 12 hours at 68° F